What We Can All Learn From Hyram's Skincare Routine

What Can We All Learn From
Hyram's Skincare Routine

These are the Youtube sensation’s signature skincare and makeup tips

Hyram - YouTube Star

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Hyram is a Hawaii-based skincare Youtuber with a huge online following. He shot to fame after he turned his expert eye to the ingredients in the Kylie Skin range and gave a controversial review, and he has since built a loyal fan base who trust him for his impartial advice. With over 4 million subscribers, he's one of the top skincare specialists to listen to if you're interested in the ingredients and sustainability side of skincare, or if you're a fan of anyone who debunks beauty industry myths. 

We’ve summarised some of the most important tips shared on Hyram's skincare channel, as well as his do’s and don'ts for cleansing and moisturising. 

Hyram Skincare Approved Product

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The basics

Hyram never uses products with essential oils or fragrances, as these can be irritating to the skin. He is also not a fan of face wipes, as these are bad for the environment and claims that the rubbing causes too much irritation on the skin. SPF is a non-negotiable in Hyram's skincare routine that he believes should be worn every day, by everyone. His favourites are Dr Jart's Everyday Sun Mineral Sunscreen and MD Solar Science's Mineral Creme SPF 50.

Hyram skincare top tips

One of the things that fans most love about Hyram is his belief that great skincare doesn’t have to come at a high price. To him, ingredients are key and he advises that we should all take a short amount of time to look at the back of our products, read what’s in them and then judge for ourselves if a product is going to be effective for our skin type. The first six ingredients are the ones that are most important, so take a few minutes to google them before you add that new beauty product to your online shopping basket.

How to find a good cleanser

When it comes to cleansers, Hyram's skincare channel recommends choosing a product aimed at your skin type, but with one warning. If a cleanser has Sodium Lauryl Sulphate listed as an ingredient it should be avoided at all costs. Hyram suggests that this foaming agent strips the skin of its natural oils, and is too harsh and potentially irritating. Similarly, he suggests staying well away from scrubs and any formulas that contain microbeads, even if you don’t have sensitive skin as these can cause microtears in the skin. So, which cleansers are approved in the Skincare by Hyram routine? Well, Hyram opts for Herbivore's Pink Cloud Cleanser and The Inkey List's Salicylic Acid Cleanser.

Skincare By Hyram Approved Cleanser

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Skincare By Hyram Approved Moisturiser

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How to find a good moisturiser 

Moisturiser is something Hyram is very passionate about and he believes all skin types should moisturise, even those who suffer from oiliness. To find a good moisturiser, Hyram's skincare tips include avoiding products with alcohol, as these tend to strip the skin of its natural oils. He suggests those with oily complexions should use a gel or water cream moisturiser, like FAB's Coconut Water Cream. For those with combination skin, he believes they are best off with gel cream moisturisers like the Evenprime Daily Moisturiser. Those with very dry patches should seek out heavier cream moisturisers, such as CeraVe's Moisturising Cream. 

How to find a good concealer

Hydrating Concealer

He also recommends looking for hydrating concealers with moisturising emollients in them, which makes the Code8 Seamless Cover Concealer a perfect choice. Not only does the medium-to-high coverage concealer contain emollients, but its formula also features Glucan Biopolymer, that lifts, smoothes and protects the skin from pollution and free-radicals. We're sure this long-wearing, hydrating liquid concealer would be Hyram skincare approved, as it blurs imperfections, scars, veins and spots while dampening the appearance of wrinkles and giving natural-looking coverage.

Don’t forget

Hyram Skincare Friendly Concealer in Use

Hyram's skincare channel stresses that using too many skincare treatments at once can damage your skin. So if you’re trialling out a new exfoliant or acid, take it slow and don’t overload your face with too many harsh active ingredients at once. Only exfoliate a maximum of three times per week, and don’t use overnight treatments alongside other strong products.

We highly recommend following Hyram on Youtube if you don’t already and are wanting to know more about the skincare by Hyram routine. His videos are informative but always fun to watch and can help to make learning about skincare ingredients easy and fun.