How to recreate the Midnight Eye trend

Our Global Makeup Artist Sasha explains what the perfect party season 'midnight eye' trend is all about and how you can re-create it.

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What is the 'midnight eye' trend?

The difference between the 'midnight eye' trend we are seeing lately, to your traditional smokey eye is that the 'midnight eye' trend is a more mystical look that is inspired by the sky and the stars.

You can be quite creative with using mostly dark blue, violet and black shimmery colours with a little sparkle on top, or your definition of this using any colour that you feel creates a “midnight eye inspired look”.

Traditional smokey eyes are a more smudged look created mainly with matte colours. Again everyone has their definition when it comes to creating any look or trend.

How can we recreate it?

This look will go with any eye shape, but of course, you can go as little or as dramatic as you desire.

The main thing when creating this look is to find shimmery dark shades that are flattering on the eye and are easy to blend to avoid any heavy residue when applying.

I would highly recommend trying our Code8 Iconoclast Eye Palette in Jaipur Marbles which has beautiful teal/blue and black with the perfect amount of shimmer that can be mixed used dry or wet for a more dense finish.

If you want to create a “simple” version of 'midnight eyes', try our classic Code8 Contour Eye Pencil in black, on top of your lash either smoked out or winged pressing a little bit of shimmer on the centre of the eyes. You could also wet one of the lighter highlight shades from your favourite Code8 eye palette on top of your liner.

"Remember to keep it simple but effective and avoid using too many colours." - Sasha