Lipstick tip and tricks for mature women...

Sasha Ghodstinat our Global Makeup Artist shares her lipstick tips and tricks for mature women, just in time for Valentine's Day.

When it comes to wearing lipstick in our 40s we don’t need to overthink what we can’t wear or shouldn’t wear, but more so HOW we wear it.
Being 41 myself I can see the difference in my taste versus my 20s.

Most of us who grew up in the 90s would of at some point tried to use our brown eyeliner as lip liner paired up with a frosty lipstick or concealer on top, or extreme dark vampy lips. But we also all got away with it, as it was the trend at that time.

Concealer Under Foundation

Lipstick in your 40’s

If you find your lips are prone to dryness and your lipstick is constantly feathering, you want to ensure that you are using cream textured lipsticks or tinted lip balms.

Our Code 8 AM/PM lip balms are perfect for this, they have a natural tint, nourish and protect your lips at the same time.

If you are after something with more colour and vibrance - our Colour Brilliance lipstick is also great as it contains Vitamin E that will give colour, brilliance and shine leaving your lips looking more plump and healthy looking. 

Avoid using super matte lipsticks or a lipstick that comes with a top coat to seal the colour. The colour will end up looking bitty and dry throughout the day and is not good for your lips long term. 

Having said that, our Matte Velour lipsticks have a smooth velvet finish and contain sunflower oil that prevents your lips from looking dry and flat. You can wear matte at any age as long you choose a colour that is flattering to your skin, hair and eye colour. When you are wearing the right colour in matte, you will always WEAR the lipstick versus the lipstick wearing you. So next time you want to choose your perfect shade, take into consideration the occasion, mood and which part of your personality you want to bring out, for example, a bright red always represents confidence, power and passion. 

If you want to create fuller-looking lips, follow these steps, and ensure you exfoliate your lips before. 

  1. Prep your lips by using a balm (try our AM/PM Tinted Lip Balm in shade Chameleon).
  2. Use a highlighter or concealer on your Cupid's bow.
  3. Use a lip liner (try our Lip Surrealist Lip Liner) outlining your lips very lightly then smudge the lip liner all over the lips.
  4. Finish by using gloss/lip plumper starting from the middle of the lips, then spreading all over. This creates more volume in the lips. Try our Code 8 Glazé Lip Gloss in shade Spyglass.

Other colours you can try this technique with is our Matte Velour lipstick in shade Lima - or one of my absolute favourite shades, Wanderlust from our Colour Brilliance range.

Skincare is essential when it comes to your lips so you can have healthier plumper looking lips.

Ensure you exfoliate twice a week. You can even create your own natural homemade lip exfoliant by mixing- brown sugar with coconut oil and applying this with a soft toothbrush on your lips.

Invest in a good overnight lip oil. Or again you can make your own.

"Remember the more you look after your lips, the more youthful you will feel and look." - Sasha