How To Get London Fashion Week Ready With Shrads

Take a scroll on Instagram and London Fashion Week is second to none style, backstage madness, front row action and the oh-so glamorous after parties. But what’s the reality of show season? We caught up with lifestyle blogger Shraddha Singh to find out what going to LFW is actually like. Is it as fun as it comes across on social media? What essentials should you always have on you? And of, course, how does she unwind after a day of show hopping?

Not going to London Fashion Week? Live vicariously through Shrads… we are!

Who is your fashion month partner in crime?

For the fashion month, I love to have my husband by my side. He’s the official photographer for my channels.

As the schedule is so hectic, you need someone who can understand you and help you with the content creation while you run around different venues. He usually accompanies me for Paris Fashion Week and I make do with interns or assistants for other events.

What are your three essentials you can’t do without?

Ok Cliche but the truth, I just can't do without my iPhone. It’s like my whole business in my pocket. I also always carry a Lipstick and Face mist for a quick refresh.

Other essentials are my wallet and a Portable charger. I could leave the charger but then I would have to come back home sooner.

Favorite spots for last-minute outfit shopping?

I like to be prepared well in advance to avoid last-minute shopping. I believe that fashion shouldn’t be disposable. So I only buy what I absolutely need and use.

But If I were to buy something, I prefer Selfridges. They have a great selection of sustainable brands, so I can shop guilt-free.

How do you unwind after a long day of fashion shows? 

To be honest, there is never a moment to unwind during fashion weeks. As soon as you get to your hotel room, you start editing all the content. Then there is planning and preparations for the next day. Late nights and early mornings are the norms.

After the fashion weeks, I take a break and relax till I rejuvenate. Netflix and a good book recharge me well.