How to conceal your tired eyes

How to
Conceal your Tired Eyes

Want to hide dark circles and look less tired? Our makeup artist Ana explains how

Makeup Used to Cover Dark Eyes

Whether you have hereditary dark circles or have some newfound puffy eye bags after a late night, there are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to look less tired and cover dark circles. Our Colour Maestro  Ana Lazovski has shared her makeup artist knowledge to bring you plenty of practical tips and tricks that will have you looking fresh faced and well rested.

Reduce inflammation

Before we share how to cover dark circles, we thought we would provide some tips on the ways to reduce the intensity of dark circles and look less tired. If puffiness is a problem, Ana suggests beginning your beauty routine by placing an ice-cube or a cold spoon under each eye. This will help to reduce inflammation in raised skin, as well as tighten up any sagging spots and shrink any veins that might be trying to pop out making you look less tired. Massaging gently from the inner corner out will help with lymphatic drainage, too.  

Always use eye cream

Once your eye area is soothed, before covering dark circles, follow up with a moisturising eye treatment like  Ren’s Instant Brightening Beauty Shot Eye Lift. Ana recommends hydrating products like this because they help to reduce the visibility of fine lines and give a smooth look to the skin. Pat the product in gently with your ring finger for minimum pressure and dot the product in rather than dragging it up towards the outer corner of your eye. This will only pull on your skin and make it more discoloured which deepens the appearance of dark circles.

High coverage is key

When you’re ready to cover dark circles under your eyes, begin with a concealer,  Ana recommends choosing a product one shade lighter than your skin tone. Doing so will help to give your eyes a brighter look, illuminating any natural shadows caused by your bone structure and covering any blue or purple undertones from your dark circles. You can use  concealer, foundation or BB cream, but just be sure to pick a formula that is high coverage and easy to blend. Ana is particularly fond of  Code8’s Seamless Cover Concealer because its light-diffusing encapsulated pigment spheres reflect shine for a radiant look.

Conceal dark circles with caution

Using your ring finger, your favourite brush or a makeup sponge, blend your chosen product into your skin in an upside down triangle shape for a flawless finish. Don’t forget to cover your inner brow bone and eyelids, as discolouration also occurs here. When concealing under the eye, avoid taking product all the way to the lash line. Leaving a very thin strip of your natural skin tone exposed gives your eyes depth and dimension. If you conceal up to the lower lash line your eye area will look flat and unreal, so try to keep some colour there to give shape.

Don’t forget your waterline

A quick trick makeup artists use to make eyes appear brighter? Applying a skin-coloured eyeliner to the waterline. Mimicking the tone of the natural eye area, it will make your gaze look bigger and help to enhance the whites of your eyes, so you will look less tired and like you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

We hope you’ve learnt some useful tips on how to cover dark circles and look less tired, but don’t forget that discoloration and puffiness are a natural part of our complexion. There’s nothing inherently wrong with them and you shouldn’t feel any pressure to cover dark circles—unless you want to. 

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