Essential Rules for Optimal Feng Shui

On some level, you already know this. Keeping your home orderly and clutter-free, and structuring your spaces optimally, feels good. Rooms have energy. Everything has energy.

Much like we saw with Traditional Chinese Medicine, feng shui practitioners believe that everything and everyone has a life energy - Qi or “Chi” - and how we arrange objects in our house drives this energy and affects all aspects of our lives. To create harmony in your home and make the most of this life source, you’ll need to be sure there is good flow in every room. Feng shui is literally defined as wind and water, as “feng” means wind and “shui” means water. These elements are associated with good health and fortune and using feng shui principles at home will improve the flow that makes things happen. As this is an ancient Chinese practice, there are lots and lots of rules to be followed – including the balance between yin and yang – meaning that there’s an optimal place for every single object. To compile a few key takeaways in honour of Chinese New Year, here are some of our top feng shui rules.

1. Mind the Door

The front door of the home is called "the mouth of Chi" in feng shui. That is because this is how your house absorbs essential energy. When a house has enough good Chi coming in and the flow is harmonious, the people living there experience elevated levels of wellbeing. Learning to take good care of the feng shui of your main entry point will help your abode to absorb the best energy possible. Some rules are: remove all obstacles such as clutter, furniture, keep it well-lit and replace any worn out doormats.

2. Be Tidy & Organized

Way before Japanese tidying guru Marie Kondo exploded onto the scene, the ancient sages knew that a disorganised home is a breeding ground for stress, depression, and unhappiness. They assert that it is impossible for strong Chi to exist in the home with clutter and dirt. To amplify feng shui, one of the first things you should do is clear away random objects that will get in the way of positive, healthy energy. Start by cleaning out drawers and closets that have been neglected and put systems in place.

3Keep the Bedroom Simple

Furniture placement is very important when it comes to feng shui, particularly for the bedroom, because it’s where we rest and recharge. The energy in the bedroom needs to be serene and harmonious, and this is best achieved by keeping the bedroom streamlined, keeping harmful energies and useless activities out, and making clever adjustments to allow that Chi in. Some guidelines: Don't place bed directly across from door. Don't sleep with your feet facing the door – you’ll lose energy. Keep your bed away from the window and ensure your head is never underneath a window while sleeping. Both your mind and body need the support of solid walls with no doors on either side.

 4. More Plants, Less Screens 

According to Chinese tradition, plants represent growth, success, and good luck. Looking to launch a new business? Try a compact bamboo plant on your desk, or any plant with upward-pointing energy for a boost in the right direction. Electronics of all sizes emit currents capable of disrupting sleep, so remove as many gadgets away from the bedroom as possible.

5. Choose Colours Wisely

Colour is one of the easiest ways to bring more harmony into your home with feng shui. Each feng shui element is represented by a specific shade and can be used to strengthen and balance the energy of your home. This is a complex feng shui topic which requires further study, but there are always a few basics: The colour green is good for improving health and balancing family life. Blue is a very good feng shui choice to support the energy of your career growth. A strong yellow hue is best for happy social gatherings and fun times. The colour white will bring supportive energy for all your creative endeavours.

Lastly, optimal feng shui elements are highly personal. Your birth elements are determined by your birthdate, and can help you better understand some of the influences that shape your life. It’s worth using an online feng shui calculator to find out your main element, and go from there.