To Each Eye, Its Own: Palettes For Every Eye Colour

Colour: the element that brings anything to life. With the transformative powers of colour, comes a world of endless possibilities.

We prioritise colour differently: it’s about building your look from the eyes down. If you’re looking to experiment, enhance or even update your existing style, matching your eye colour to the right shade can really take you places from day-to-night and back around again. 

Our makeup artists share the best eyeshadows for each eye colour, helping to make your eyes pop. 

The best eyeshadow each eye colour: brown, black and hazel eyes

Whether you have cool or warm-toned brown eyes, or even copper tones, with this eye colour you can go from cream to deep plum tones effortlessly.

All the shades of the Jaipur Marbles Palette can enhance cool to warm browns, starting with the creams and adding contrast with the greens and pinks.

If you have warm brown eyes with copper tones, use the Burnt Sienna palette for the cream taupe and intensify with the bronze shade or plum. These tones will also enhance Asian eyes and soften features.

Hazel eyes: make bronze your key colour, from the Lustrous Corduroy palette, and finish with the matte brown for added definition. In each of our palettes, our primers and base colours offer creamy and nude tones that enhance your specific shade.

For, the finishing touch, use Lash Sophisticate black mascara for a natural finish for emphasis.

The best eyeshadow each eye colour: blue eyes

Every shade of blue eyes can be easily emphasised through contrasting colours in the pink range.

Golds and bronzes paired with light blue eyes can liven up an entire complexion. We recommend Lustrous Corduroy palette, placing the gold tone on the inner corner to accentuate blue flecks.

The bronze and pink tones in the Jaipur Marble palette are the perfect contrasting shade to accent green blues and dark blue eyes.

Illuminate your grey eyes by using a vibrant tone to reflect the light and dark flecks of the eye. Paler skin tones tend to have purple or blue undertones beneath the eye. Instead of going against these undertones, work with them, by using purple or red eyeshadow from the Burnt Sienna palette to line the top lash and lower lash line.

This will enhance the shape and colour of your eye without reflecting on your undertone.

The best eyeshadow each eye colour: green eyes

For green eyes, both subtle and contrasting colours can really make your eyes pop. Gold, bronze shades and burgundy will amplify the deep tones of your specific greens.

Matching the green tone of the eye will naturally bring out the golden, yellow and brown flecks, and these colours will deepen your gaze effortlessly.

When framed with a black eyeliner, terracotta tones from the Burnt Sienna palette are fashion-forward and smouldering.

Hazel could sometimes fall into the greens family, so apply warm browns, golden tones and emerald greens from the Jaipur Marble palette for your eyes to glow.

Depending on your personal style, hues of browns and golds, smoked with a black finish will accentuate any eye tone. You can find these shades in the Lustrous Corduroy palette.

Tone down or build up, depending on your desired look, with the Burnt Sienna palette. It can take you from polished to dramatic with just a sweep while reflecting on each eye colour with the warm red tones.

In each of these palettes, there is a deep shade and according to the categories above, the burgundy and black is a fast trick to magnify each eye colour group. Pair a natural eye look with a complementary shade of lipstick, or glazé for heavier eyes. Balance is always key.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the best eyeshadow for each eye colour, for more tips and tricks from our makeup artists why not take a look at our blog?