Alexa Chung, Code8's brand ambassador...

Alexa Chung
The Brand Ambassador for Code8

Enhancing but never hiding your natural features is an approach to beauty shared by our new brand ambassador, Alexa Chung. One of the most influential style icons of our era, Alexa Chung is Creative Director of her eponymous label, a TV presenter, author and contributor who truly embodies our belief in effortless beauty.

We sat down with Code8 co-founders, Sophia Chikovani and  Nadine Ayache to get all the insider info on this exciting partnership as well as the brand new campaign, ‘Beauty, Decoded’.

Why did you choose Alexa Chung as Code8's first brand ambassador? 

Alexa is an effortless beauty. She always tops best-dressed lists and is a global style icon, but she never uses makeup to mask or re-define her face. Her look always just enhances her natural features, which makes her the perfect fit as Code8's brand ambassador. She’s elegant but also has a great sense of humour. She never takes herself too seriously, which is exactly what we’re about.

Tell us about the new campaign ‘Beauty, Decoded’. 

We designed all of our products to be multifunctional and easy to use. Our products are highly pigmented and long-lasting but don’t require in depth technical knowledge in order to apply; we want our products to be accessible to everyone. Makeup isn’t mandatory and should always be a choice, and this campaign is all about that. There are no rules or steps that you have to follow- beauty should be intuitive, universally flattering and based around buildable formulas. 

In our second trading year, we wanted to bring this concept to life through the story of “Beauty, Decoded.” We worked with an amazing team to capture Alexa Chung in beauty looks that we felt were equally true to the brand as they were to who she is. The flash photography gives an ‘on the go’ feel and really elevated the campaign to be something different than what you would normally see from a beauty brand.

Who do you want to reach with this new launch and with Alexa Chung as your brand ambassador?

Code8 was created for busy women who want to make the most of their lives. Our goal is not to push makeup down people’s throats, but rather to help women find the best way to incorporate makeup into their lives without distracting from the things that are truly important to them. This is why everything has been so carefully designed to be multi-functional and compact-we know that makeup can sometimes be a chore, we want to change that and make it work for everyone, so that you can always look and feel like the best version of yourself. 

Which of Alexa’s signature beauty looks is your favourite?

The cat eye has become synonymous with Alexa Chung but we love it when she wears a bold, red lip. Paired with a glowing complexion it’s simple but very striking-and easy to recreate. 

But in the current climate, we are using makeup as a self-care tool more than anything else. Though we may not be rushing off to meetings each day, doing a little bit of makeup in the morning helps to “set” the routine for the day and get us started on the right foot. For this, we especially love Alexa’s first look in the campaign-all you need is a little bit of  Radiate Beauty Balm, some  blush and  mascara (if you want), and a swipe of our new  Universal Lip Gloss. The whole look is understated and fresh, perfect for summer and equally suitable for the times.