Lipstick tones to achieve whiter looking teeth...

Our Global Makeup Artist Sasha is back with another hack on how to make your teeth look whiter. Lipstick is an essential for the party season, so why not enhance your look by choosing a colour that will make your teeth dazzle.

Concealer Under Foundation

How to get whiter looking teeth?

If you want the illusion of whiter-looking teeth you need a lipstick with a cooler undertone. Any colour that has more blue than yellow in it will make your teeth look whiter and brighter.

Some of my favourite lipstick shades I love is Code8 Matte Velour in Mambo - this is beautiful fuchsia pink, not only does it give the illusion of whiter teeth but it is also universally flattering no matter what your skin tone is. This is a colour that will enhance your mood and give you that extra boost to your day or night.

The other is Opera, your perfect classical red with a blue undertone that is flattering on any complexion. It will give you that brighter smile with an elegant touch and finish to any look.

My favourite lipstick trick is very simple but effective, when using any bright colour (or any shade). To take this look to the next level try adding a little bit of highlighter on the cupids bow before applying your lipstick to enhance the shape of your lips. This will give you the illusion of fuller-looking lips as well. Our Code8 Highlight HD in shade 'Between Two-Women' will be perfect for this.